The food and beverage industry is a very complex one, including many different factors that contribute to the challenges the industry faces on a day-to-day basis. The industry encompasses a wide range of operations such as food regulations, manufacturing, agriculture, processing, marketing, and distribution. Included amongst this list can be makers of the equipment and chemicals that are used for farming or the providers of transportation of food and beverage materials. In essence, the industry is comprised of all the parties involved in the process from farming and production, to packaging and distribution, to retail and catering. This opens doors to the greater possibility of complications regarding operations such as USDA restrictions, contamination issues, changing prices of raw materials, or execution inefficiencies. To add to the complexity, the food and beverage industry has progressed to huge international corporations.
Billions of people are involved in an industry that was once enjoyed only by developed nations. JYC Group addresses all of these components and aspires to help clients negotiate their way in a vast, complex field.