Construction industry trends all over the world show a rise in its rate of growth and this industry is composed with many components including construction of heavy and civil engineering, real estate development, and specialized construction products. Clients in this industry are looking for professional companies who can provide comprehensive range of design and construction consultancy services, project management, quantity surveying, cost management and technical services to assist a broad range of clients with new-build, refurbishment, maintenance and infrastructure projects across the spectrum of the construction industry. With advanced technology and greater, unlimited challenges we face in the highly competitive construction industry, JYC Group aspires to empower clients to positively impact business and society.
We offer over 20 years of experience of consulting in construction and building products. We are determined to help our clients maintain a competitive edge in the industry through not just answers to questions, but aiming higher for innovative solutions that open doors and are of endless value. JYC Group is committed to social and economic progress, and we yearn to help our clients engage the global economy competitively and creatively. We seek to help companies tackle their toughest issues, from strategic and operational to organizational.