Mr. Kim is the navigator for the international market launch & operations. YK (Young K. Kim) has contributed a great deal to position JYC Group as the most sought-after advisor/enabler of market launch and trade in the international and US market. YK guides and advises the structuring of any business related to the international and US market, whether inbound or outbound. He creates the initial foundation for the market launch by building the necessary network base to enable a successful launch in the global market.
  1. YK secured exclusive rights and launched CNN and ESPN's cable and satellite operations in Korea.
  2. He also launched and managed the Korean branch of Saatchi & Saatchi, a major global advertising firm. YK & Associates sold the ownership of these three major companies to other entities after managing the initial period of operations.
  3. He was in Planning & Control Dept of Dong Ah Construction Co.(Dong Ah Group) Largest Construction Co in The World based at Korea. Construction sites in Middle East countries and Libya (Africa) GMR “Great Man Made River Project” 1.6 Billion USD Project was done very successfully.
  4. YK was invited and pursuing GCMP (Great Cambodia Mega Project) in Cambodia.
    This Construction Agreement scope and time limit for the following infrastructure development project as to build the infrastructure of the Siem Reap International Airport, Preah Vihear Domestic and Regional Airport, Hydro Power Project, Rail Road Project. The Total Project Cost is US$ 3.436 Billion United States Dollars.
  5. Also, YK served as the President of Dong Ah Group North American operation Also, YK served as the President of Dong Ah Group North American operation based in Miami, Florida, a Korean conglomerate in international trade and marketing.
  6. He was the founder for President of Basileia Corporation, an international trade and marketing firm based in New Jersey, United States.
  7. He was the chairman of InfraBasic, market launch management firm, based in S. Korea, China, and US.
Dong Ah Group is one of the largest construction companies in the world and the largest in South Korea. Its business areas are comprised of nuclear reactors in South Korea, waterways in Libya (the primary contractor on the multi-billion-dollar irrigation project in Libya), and also many middle east countries(Buildings, Hospitals, Roads, Dam, Harbors, Communication Facilities(TEP), Highways, Industrial Facilities, Etc).

Dong Ah Group, a South Korean company, has won a Libyan contract to build a water pipeline, the largest construction contract ever awarded in Africa and the Middle East. The value of the 90-month contract for the 683-mile pipeline totals to $5.3 billion. The pipe will bring water from underground reservoirs in the Sahara to the Tripoli area. It is the second phase of a project to supply water to densely populated coastal areas.

Named the “Great Man-made River Project (GMR)”, it is Libya’s nationwide construction project under the flag of green revolution. The first phase of construction was completed by the Dong Ah Consortium (formed by Korea Express and Dong Ah Construction Industrial), and the second phase of construction is currently ongoing. The third phase of construction has also been awarded to the Dong Ah Consortium and ANC (Al Nahr Co.), a joint venture set up by the River Project Office of Libya.

Aiming to construct a large-scale river with a total length of 4,400km, this is the world’s largest-scale project as a single construction unit. The total construction cost of the first- and second-phase constructions is expected to reach 10 billion US dollars. Also dubbed as a green revolution in the desert, the GMR is projected to supply 4 million pails of underground water from the desert area in the southern part of Libya to the Mediterranean areas for agriculture,

industry and other purposes, through water pipes with a radius of 4m. About 250,000 pipes (75 tons each with a length of 7.5m) and 190,000 pipes were used for the first- and second-phase constructions, respectively. Using the multi-stage linking transportation method, Korea Express has successfully transported these super large-scale pipes along a 3500 km. hauling road, which was also specially constructed for this occasion. ANC, the construction company chosen to lead the third phase of construction, is now preparing for the first-stage construction of 200 km. under the support of technologies and human resources from the Dong Ah Consortium, as well as its human resources in Libya. Korea Express’ comprehensive transportation capability has been proven overseas through its transportation technologies and human resources.